Buckram: A sticky cotton weave that is used for hat bases.


Crinoline: Horsehair ribbon. It’s no longer made out of real horse hair, but a synthetic material. Crinoline is used for decorations.


Dior net: A net-like material mostly used as base in turbans and transparent hats.

Draping: When you shape a material on free hand.


Felt: There are wool felt (from sheep) and fur felt (from rabbits). In the millinery world, fur felt is most commonly used.


Grosgrain/Petersham: A cotton ribbon used for headbands, around edges, and decorations.


Headband: A band inside the hat to set the size and protect from dirt and makeup.


Millinery wire: A wire covered in thread. Used as base or for stabilization.


Pelmet buckram: Sticky burlap, mostly used as base. It becomes very hard when dry.


Piano wire: Is used to stabilize round brims.


Sinamay: A hemp fiber that is in the same category as straw. Usually used in bridal or party hats.


Straw: The most common kinds of straw are parasissol, sissol, and bao- Parasissol is the most common, sissol is very similar but is weaved in a different way. Bao is a little rougher straw.


Straw braid: A braid made of straw, sold by the yard.


Veil: A thin net-like material used for decoration. It is usually draped over the face.